I’m sure we’ve all been been in situations when we’re away from our TV sets and can’t catch the TV show or movie premiere we were desperately waiting for. Well, it no longer means you’re never watching it again. With Voot apk app, your smartphone is capable of getting you amazing content to watch without relying on your cable TV connection. This amazing app is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows PC just as easily as the service works on the official website.


Voot apk app can be downloaded from the internet from third party stores and websites just as easily as from official stores. It is light, quick to load and efficient. Some of the best features in the legal free TV Streaming genre are available solely on Voot app. Here are some of the best features the app boasts. login

Voot APK App Features:

  • Voot app lets you watch TV shows, latest movies and more free, and 100% legally.
  • The easy to approach menu accessible via the hamburger button on top lets you switch genres of entertainment, access settings and do more.
  • Easy way to rate content on the app. Use the different colorful shapes and tags to tell people what you feel about what you watched.
  • Easy to get to your favorite shows. The big thumbnails and the prominent text contrasted well with the background make surfing the app thoroughly effortless.
  • Have content recommended to you by the app, based on your preferences of entertainment. This cuts time looking for shows you’ll enjoy.
  • Voot has its own production team too. Now you get to watch fresh, quality entertainment produced with commercial standards in mind.
  • The app has a smaller size compared to most popular apps, which means it will fit right into any device you possess.

Voot unfortunately doesn’t allow downloading videos. If you want to download full movies you can use showbox instead. Get showbox here.

Now that we’ve hopefully convinced you why Downloading Voot is of paramount importance if you want to keep boredom away, here’s what you can do to get it for your device.

Download Voot APK App for Android:

If you’re looking to download Voot for Android, you can just use the Play Store to get the app via the official application store. But if for example you don’t want to use GApps, it is just as easy to get Voot app via the apk file. Here is what you need to do.

  • Download Voot apk file from the internet to your Android device. You may use a third party store for this. It is best to ensure that the version you get is the latest, in order to enjoy the most features.
  • Go to Settings on your smartphone and choose “Security”.
  • Look for Unknown Sources in the list on options, and enable it. This should allow the apk file to be installed on your Android interface.
  • Tap the Downloaded Voot APK to run the setup.
  • Go through the permissions listed. Press Install if you agree.

It is possible to get the Voot app setup in your device in less than a minute. After you have the apk file, your work is half done. Isn’t this easy? And if you are searching for a app like voot to watch Hollywood movies, then terrarium tv apk might be of a good help to you.

Voot app for iOS and Blackberry:

voot apkIf you have an iOS device like an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, Voot can be installed right through the App Store. Otherwise, you can get the dmg file as well and install Voot for iOS using it, but it is needlessly cumbersome if you ask me. The App store method requires fewer button presses.
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Voot for Blackberry is like getting the app for Android. Provided your OS is 10.2.1 or higher, Voot can be installed on your Blackberry device without any difficulty. Here’s all you need to do:


  • Launch an internet browser and search for Voot apk file. Download it from a reliable site.
  • Use your file manager or download manager to locate the apk file you just downloaded.
  • Tap to install the app. Go through the list on permissions as with Android, and click Install.

Whatever the make of your device, Voot app is likely to be available for it, if you don’t want to use the website to stream free movies.

Download Voot for PC:

If you don’t have a smartphone to use Voot app of, or if you just don’t want to use it for the app, Windows PCs can be used instead too.playbox hd The method is a bit different, though.

Download an Android emulator on your choice from the internet. An emulator is a piece of software that sets up a mimicked Android OS of your Windows PC so you can run your favorite apps even if they don’t come built for Windows.

  • Install the emulator on the device by running the setup. The wizard should guide you regarding the steps further.
  • Once installed, login to the emulator using a gmail account to activate google services. This is essential since we’re going to be using Google’s Play Store to get the app.
  • Go to the Play Store of your emulator and search for Voot app. You can also use the search bar (BlueStacks).
  • Install the app by going through the permissions and pressing “Install” if you agree. Voot should be installed in a matter of seconds.

Your PC is now capable of playing Live TV shows 100% free and legally. There has never been a better way to stay entertained on your Windows PC.

Please note that this method is useful only for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. All lower Windows version will not be able to support BlueStacks, so we recommend upgrading your OS as soon as possible.
Voot apk app makes for some really easy entertainment. You only need the app on your WiFi enabled smartphone and some free time, and you can go ahead and catch up of the latest soap, watch movies from bollywood and hollywood, including all languages apart from Hindi and English like Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and more. Use the app to stay entertained, without indulging in Piracy. Get Voot for your device now!


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